Top 7 popular job search application in 2020

In today's era, there is an application for everything, from planning a trip to booking your stay you can rely on these applications for your need. So why job searching should be any difficult? There are a lot of applications out there to help you find your dream job.
Welcome, today we are going to discuss the Top 7 popular job search application in 2020
 you can use to get the start in your career or find a new job.


You have probably heard about LinkedIn and if you don't then LinkedIn is a social platform for professional networking, job searching, sharing news related to business and more. Almost more than 75% of companies and recruiters are dependent upon LinkedIn to hire candidates. In 2020 there are 575+ million monthly active users on LinkedIn.
The user just needs to create an id using email and fill out information like education and work experience. Once the user is done with this, they can set the filter to job alerts and set other preferences. was founded in March 1997 by Sanjeev Bikhchandani. The online portal operates in India and middle east Asia. is considered as the #1 online portal for job searching in terms of daily traffic, registration and reach. They also have the first-mover advantage since they are operating since 1997.

Indeed, job search:

Indeed, is placed on #4 in business free applications with over 50 million downloads on play store. The user only needs to register and upload their resume. Indeed, it also allows you to create your resume by simply mentioning your education and job experience.
Indeed, is available in more than 60 countries and 28 languages. Users can also search for a job in foreign countries by setting their preference.


Founded in 2008, Shine is said to be the second-largest platform for a job search in India and a go-to for Indian millennials. As of 2019 Shine has more than 30 million users and 14000+ recruiters. Like Indeed users only need to sign up and upload their CV or resume to start applying for jobs.
Shine uses AI to match a candidate with jobs to show the most suitable options. 

Monster Jobs:

Launch in January 1994, Monster's job is one of the top platforms for a job search in India. According to them, almost 7 million new resumes are posted each month on their website.
They offer a tinder-like interface to which users are familiar with in other words users are shown a job card which they can swipe right to apply for a job or left to see the next option. This type of interface is easy to use for anyone that is the reason the monster job is getting more and more resume by each month.

Glassdoor probably has the largest database with reviews for the company and salary mentioned by current and former employees. They also provide various interview methods to make the selection process easy for both employers and employees. Glassdoor has more than 32 million monthly unique users and they are continuously adding more and more reviews.

Just Jobs:
Launch in June 2019, Just Job is a go-to platform for people who are looking for entry-level blue-collar jobs. Anyone who is looking for getting hired on the entry-level without any prior experience can easily apply to numerous jobs by simply registering on the application and uploading a resume. Once the sign-up process is done user need to set their preferences and filters to search for jobs.

So here were the top 7 job searchapplications in 2020 to search for jobs and getting hired. There are giants like LinkedIn and with millions of users and new portals like Just Jobs. Let us know if you have ever used any of the job searching application mentioned on this list.

Looking for getting your app to develop?
If you are someone who does not wish to use these applications to search for jobs rather wants to create an application to take on the market and help millions of people to find their dream jobs. Let me tell you that you are exactly at the right place, here at Tech Pathway we have an experienced team to develop your application for you. Our developers are experienced in developing Android-based applications as well as IOS based mobile applications.

The cost of developing an application can be different based upon the geographic location like a developer from the USA will cost $40 to $250 that is way more than a developer from India that costs $30 to $50. 
Apart from the developer, the cost can also vary depending upon how many features you need into the application, for example, an application with basic functionality will cost $8000-$10000 as well as developing a premium feature-rich application will cost you almost $20000.


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